I have created and facilitated a variety of workshops. I can adapt current workshops or develop new ones to fit the needs of your group. I will sit down with you to determine the length and format of the workshop, the optimal number of participants, and how to structure the participation of the group.

If you are hosting a workshop or event where participants might be triggered by the subject matter, I am also available to offer counselling support.

Past workshops include:

  • Lost in transition: How to deal with life challenges
  • Constructive communication: How to communicate better with others
  • Building an effective team
  • How to play your way through uncertainty
  • Making peace with the body you have now
  • How to be grateful when life throws us curve balls
  • Self-care for caregivers: Your needs matter too
  • You’re stronger than you think: Finding meaning in the cancer experience
  • Facing the unknown: Living with advanced cancer

Support Groups

I have facilitated or co-facilitated numerous support groups for cancer patients (focusing on young adults or life post-treatment), caregivers or people who have lost a loved one. However, groups can be created for teenagers or adults to address things such as body image concerns, LGBTQ+ challenges, self-esteem and self-empowerment. I use creative interventions as catalysts to promote new insight and understanding. I also use compassion, empathy and humour in the discussions that follow. I create a warm atmosphere so that participants are comfortable sharing their experience (if desired – some people prefer to listen more than talk) since that is what is truly beneficial. The group members are the experts after all.

I am happy to start a group if you feel there is a need, and if a minimum of five participants can be confirmed. Please contact me with any questions.

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Retreats can run from a half day to a full week and can be as diverse as a corporate team building weekend, a self-empowerment program for women, or a retreat for young adults living with cancer. I have also coordinated and/ or facilitated workshops at many weekend retreats for young adults with cancer. The goal is to provide a comfortable environment outside of the hospital to connect and share with others who have gone through similar experiences. Past retreat themes have included gratitude, communication, acceptance, and living with advanced cancer. I am able to create and lead retreats with different themes and age groups, as requested.